LAUNCHING Niccolo Flagship Hotel in Chengdu.

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LAUNCHING Niccolo Flagship Hotel in Chengdu.

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Starting by coordinating aligned partnerships that communicate ties to local Chengdu history, Artamoré created a narrative around the property opening as not only a key brand development but as a core driver of the return of the Taikoo Li Temple.

Implemented an online WeChat Shopping Xiao Program for hotel booking and established all online social media channels including WeChat.

Artamoré created a sustained communications blitz comprising multiple exclusives tied to key developments, media events, influencers visits, and ongoing weekly events.

Totaling over 100 media placements secured in just one year, connected with more than 200+ key influencers and nearly 10 million impressions within one month of opening alone; ​20M sales revenue from Wechat online booking Program.